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The Art of Soap-Making at ivee manufacture: Handcrafted, Organic and Uniquely Luxurious

In the heart of Cyprus, there is an alchemical fusion of art and science taking place. At ivee manufacture, the process of soap-making transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, resulting in products that are not only functional but also a testament to sustainable luxury.

Our Soap - A Class Apart

At ivee manufacture, we specialize in the creation of handmade, organic soaps and natural exfoliating scrub bars. Each soap is meticulously designed and crafted to present a minimal yet luxurious aesthetic, debunking the myth that natural should be synonymous with ordinary. Our soaps are an amalgamation of natural, organic oils, predominantly sourced locally, including our star ingredient, Cyprus olive oil.

The Soap-Making Process - A Journey of Mastery and Patience

Ideation and Recipe Development

The first step in our soap-making journey isn't in the workshop, but rather over a stack of books and notes. Hours are spent performing calculations, consulting saponification tables, and refining ratios. Each oil has different properties and brings a unique characteristic to the soap, calling for careful consideration and expertise in formulating the perfect recipe.

Selection of Raw Materials

Next, we choose our raw materials, combining them into the ideal recipe. This is a skill in itself, matching ingredients to achieve a synergistic effect. The result? A luxurious bar of soap that is greater than the sum of its parts.


The design phase is where our soap's visual appeal comes to life. We believe in the beauty of natural products and strive to reflect this in our soap bars. Our design ethos embodies a minimalist yet luxurious aesthetic that is distinctively ivee manufacture.

Making the Soap

Once the recipe is finalized and the design envisioned, the actual soap-making process begins. We combine the best quality plant oils and butters in strictly defined proportions with sodium hydroxide. These are enriched with herbs, clays, fragrances, and/or essential oils, poured into wooden molds, and solidify into soap blocks.


Each resulting bar is then cut, stamped, and aged until they reach full maturity. This aging process takes at least 45 days, depending on the recipe. The intricacies of each soap bar often necessitate more time, as the recipe ratio and the oils used can influence the maturation process.


Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our packaging process. Each soap is packed in special paper and then placed into a custom-designed eco-friendly box, complete with product information. It's minimal, luxurious, and mindful of our planet.

The Ingredients - The Heart of Our Soaps

At ivee manufacture, we believe in using only organic, sustainable, and top-quality plant oils and butters enriched with herbs, clays, fragrances, or essential oils. Our base oil is Cyprus organic olive oil, locally sourced from olive plantations, just like our olive pit exfoliating powder. We also use locally sourced prickly pear exfoliating powder and Cyprus-made mastic essential oil. Our Greek green volcanic clay hails from Greece. You can explore more about our ingredients at ivee manufacture.

Discover Our Products

Delve into the world of ivee manufacture with our unique products. Our Olive Pit Scrub and Pomegranate Seed Scrub offer a vibrant zest of colors and exfoliation. Try the Face Organic Soap Bar for a gentle cleanse or our Minimal Blue Soap for a serene bathing experience.

Men can enjoy our special Beard Organic Soap, designed to gently cleanse and condition facial hair. Experience the burst of freshness with our Zig Zag Pink Organic Soap or enjoy the subtle elegance of the Minimal Pink Organic Soap Bar.

An Organic Promise

Ivee manufacture was born in 2020 with a commitment to sustainability at its core. We strive to minimize plastic use during manufacture, and most of our packaging and shipping materials are made from recycled and/or recyclable materials. All our products are natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable.

You can purchase our soaps at and enjoy worldwide shipping. We also have shops on Instagram and Facebook where you can explore our range. Dive into the world of organic, natural, handmade, and minimal design soaps at ivee manufacture.

Pouring Soap


Radiate the Cyprus Way.

Embrace the untouched purity of Cyprus with Ivee. Our handcrafted soaps, infused with the finest organic ingredients, are more than just a cleansing ritual. They're your gateway to natural radiance. Let the nourishing touch of Cypriot olive oil, combined with nature's best essentials, unveil your skin's natural glow. With Ivee, every lather is a step closer to nature, every rinse a celebration of your true essence. Dive in, and let your skin shine the way nature intended.



Whisked Away by Cypriot Waves.

Dive deep into the heart of the Mediterranean with every Ivee creation. Our soaps aren’t just products; they're experiences that transport you to the sun-kissed landscapes and olive groves of Cyprus. With every lather, feel the warmth of Cypriot sun, the whisper of its winds, and the embrace of its age-old traditions. Ivee is more than a brand; it's a bridge that connects you to the very soul of Cyprus, making every bath a journey to the island's serene shores.



Nature's Beauty, Our Duty.

At Ivee, our commitment extends beyond skin-deep beauty. We believe in creating a world where luxury and sustainability coexist. Every soap we craft is a testament to this promise. By sourcing organic ingredients locally and minimizing our plastic footprint, we ensure that nature feels our gratitude. Our use of recycled and recyclable materials is a step towards a greener future. With Ivee, you're not just pampering your skin; you're making a choice to protect and cherish our beautiful planet for generations to come.

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