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Cyprus Handmade Soap

by Ivee Manufacture. 

Dive deep into the heart of Cyprus with every lather! At Ivee, we're not just another soap company – we're storytellers. Our journey began in the sun-kissed groves of Cyprus, where every olive tree whispered tales of purity and passion.

Born from a love for artisanal craftsmanship, every bar of soap we create is a labor of love. We cherish the age-old tradition of cold process soap-making, infusing each batch with the finest organic ingredients. The star of our story? The renowned Cyprus organic olive oil, paired with nature's best essential oils and exfoliants. And yes, each soap is hand-mixed, hand-poured, and handcrafted, ensuring a piece of our heart reaches your hands.

But our story doesn’t end with luxury. Sustainability lies at the heart of what we do. We source our organic oils locally, championing the essence of Cyprus while supporting our environment. Plastic is minimized in our process, and we prioritize recycled and recyclable materials for packaging and shipping.

Ivee is more than just a brand. It's an experience – a blend of luxury beauty products, sustainable practices, and the warmth of the Cypriot sun. Dive into a world where beauty and responsibility intertwine, and let your skin feel the Cyprus difference.




& Jacopo 

At the heart of Ivee Manufacture lies a story of passion, dedication, and a shared dream. Meet Iva and Jacopo, the dynamic duo that breathed life into the brand.

Hailing from different corners of the world, their paths converged in the picturesque landscapes of Cyprus. Iva, with her innate love for artisanal crafts, and Jacopo, with his keen business acumen, found a shared purpose - to create a line of soaps that would not just cleanse but also tell tales of the Cypriot essence.

Their combined vision led to the birth of Ivee – where every soap is a blend of Iva's artistry and Jacopo's precision. Their hands-on approach ensures that each product reflects their shared values of quality, sustainability, and authenticity.

Beyond the brand, Iva and Jacopo's synergy is palpable. Their shared laughter, endless brainstorming sessions, and mutual respect for each other's expertise make Ivee more than just a business; it's a labor of love.

Join them on this journey, as they continue to pour their heart, soul, and the spirit of Cyprus into every bar of Ivee soap.

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